venerdì 9 ottobre 2015


Father Murphy, #Lamentations. Third chapter of the Trilogy of the Cross. Coming soon.

venerdì 2 ottobre 2015



Father Murphy, #Lamentations. Third chapter of the Trilogy of the Cross. Coming soon.

venerdì 12 giugno 2015

Trees as Crosses

As some of you already know, my dear C. Lee and I underwent Sacrifice and reached Beatitude through our personal 84 stations of the Cross around Europe and North America.
4 months, 84 shows, 13 countries.
In our path we came across several Trees looking like Crosses. You know how much I search for approval in signs or events around me. Thinking of these Trees as Crosses surely helped.
I started touching their bark with my left hand as a way to express gratitude to them, to the Trees, even for just standing there.
Somehow I hope in this way I granted some Protection back.
Anyway, Lady C. and I also wish to Thank all the people who came along in this long and meaningful journey. 

Until we meet again, Beatitude may come to you all.

domenica 12 aprile 2015

The West is the Best

As an Evangelista song says "the West is the best", so I found myself dancing around the majesty of my beloved Red Woods, again.
We look for them, from Seattle to San Francisco.
I'm Also posting here a close up photo of an amazing white Birch that protects the house of our dear friend D, in the woods in northern Seattle, going toward Canada.
C. Lee and I are travelling this side of the world again, in maybe our longest series of shows all in a row ever. The stations of the Cross, as we like to think, since our newest release is called Croce, Cross in Italian.
The Bible sometimes refer to the Cross as to The Tree, and I like to think of a red Wood Being the Wood we're bringing along with us in this tour.
People of the East, we'll work on comin back to you next year.
And our hearts Will be open to welcome and honor your Trees.
Sincere blessings



martedì 20 gennaio 2015

I found my bones in the Desert

I fell in love with the Desert while driving through the South West, most likely when we had the honor to perform at Paolo Soleri's magnificent Arcosanti.
It was a Sunday, and I remember lady C. and I trying hard not to blink in order not to miss anything, not even an istant of Light. We decided to perform exactly 30 minutes before the Sunset on the open air Colly Soleri Amphitheater, and we decided to go for no lights, nor on stage, nor for the audience.
Being our performance about 33 minutes long, we let our eyes adapt to the Light turning into Darkness.
Anyway, few months ago we had the luck to spend several days in the South West, and we went back to the Desert several times.
While we were driving through the Joshua Tree National Park, we decided to stop at the Cholla Garden, where the two pics up here were taken. We were miles away from Arcosanti, but yet our eyes did stop blinking as they recognized the same Light.
And right there the same Light showed me how the scars in the Cactus structure, in their bones look exactly like mine.
I am sometimes afraid my bones are getting dry, but there in the West the Desert showed me how you have to take care of yourself and build and strenghten yourself around your weak parts.
In a way, it's the same lessons I learned from the Red Woods: when they're hit by a lightning, they stay put and they keep the sick part inside, asking the bark around to grow stronger, and to protect the whole structure.
Willing to get close to an end for this post, here below some Straight guardians that looked after us while we were in Arcosanti.
Thanks to all these trees and the Cactus and thanks to the Desert, I got my bones back.

giovedì 1 gennaio 2015

Happy new Year!

These two photos look like these Trees could be wings for my words.
We wish you and ourselves to grow wings where your and our weak parts are.
Anyhow, as I already wrote some time ago, I can't help but thinking of Pines' branches as arms holding Crosses. Blessing or cursing.
We beg for their blessing, we follow them cursing.

sabato 6 dicembre 2014

The Deserts are full of Death*

Are the Deserts full of Death?
This photo was taken in Joshua Tree, few weeks ago.
C. Lee and I woke up early that morning. The night before we played in Chiara Giovando's porch with our dear Ezra Buchla, facing the desert and a fire we lit to keep the warm inside.
We woke up very early and we waited to have enough Light so to watch our steps, then we started walking toward the horizon.
We were looking for the Sun.
Indeed we could feel that Desert being full of Death.
We walked together to deal with our personal Void as a whole thing.
The Desert and the Death looked after us while we were dealing with our personal Void.
The Death around us helped us filling our personal Void.

*Not back then, but right now I'm listening to Ascend's V.O.G.